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Neckholder - Crochetbikini - Monokini - Trikini.

bikini crochet beachwearAlmost no other piece of clothing in human history has stirred so much controversy, and no other article of clothing needs less fabrics - we are talking about the BIKINI. (A bikini is a very brief, close-fitting two-piece bathing suit worn by women). In the sixties this kind of garment made its breakthrough, but bikinis have been worn before by female romans - over 2000 years ago! Named after the destroyed Bikini atoll, the 'land of the coconuts' dominates many modern-day beaches and offers an enrichment to the fantasies of men. Between the invention of the bikini and its breakthrough laid the decades of the sexual revolution and the further development of the garment. Only when in the sixties the slogan 'sex sells' comes up, the bikini is slowly making its way into mainstream. By now there are many different versions of it - and they couldn't be any more different: The sling-bikini, the neckholder-bikini, but also the trikini (a combination of string, top and skirt) and also the one piece monokini.

bikiniMade up of the words neck and hold, the neckholder-bikini will be tied on the neck and not on the back as a typical bikini. This kind of bikini offers a unhindered view of the back and a positive side-effect also a push-up for the decollete. However, this kind of garment is not for all type of women, but especially women with large breasts can benefit from it, because the straps are quite wide and that means, that it is perfect for holding large breasts. The advantages of a neckholder-bikini have been discovered by many women, one of them is the singer Beyonce, who was spotted in Monaco in 2007 with such a model.

Since a few years, the modern variety of the monokini, (which is a previously laughed-at further development of the bikini) is winning fans with women and fashion-designers. The original monokini (the name means made from one piece) kept the breasts uncovered, and because the breasts were not supported, was unfit for swimming. This and questions of morals was responsible, that sales were low. But fashion-designers re-discovered the monokini a few years back and today it is like two pieces combined through a piece of cloth, which suggests optically one unit. It is as comfortable to wear as a conventional bikini - so a decision whether to buy one or not is a matter of personal taste! 

One variety of the bikini which is somehow not so popular is the trikini. As the name suggests, it is made up from 3 pieces and is available in 2 varieties. Both of them have panties in common, whereby variety one has cups to hold the breasts, which have to be attached with clue because there are no straps and this is not quite comfortable. Furthermore, skin-friendly clues do not stick too strongly, which sometimes meant that the cups just fell off. The more common variety 2 is more like a regular bikini, just with an additional piece of cloth in the back.


The triangle-bikini is a fusion of a neckholder-bikini and a regular bikini: The top-part is held together at the neck and also the back. The advantages are clear: Because of this double attachment, this garment will not so easily slip and the neckholder-part will create a push-up effect which will make the bustline look bigger. Another type of bikini is the so-called 'Burkini' - which is one of the more exotic bikinis. The 'burk' in burkini comes from the word 'burka' - the enveloping outer garment worn by women in some islamic traditions. And that is exactly the way, the burkini looks: except for the hands, feet and the face, the entire body is covered. But because the burkini is made from lycra it is easy to swim in it. The idea behind the burkini is quite simple: before it was invented, islamic women could only be going for a swim fully clothed. Now with the burkini it is possible to go with a relative ease for a swim, even though the burkini is relatively expensive and is looked upon with a certain distrust in islamic countries. But the demand for it is steadily growing, and in some countries this garment is called 'Malibas' - coming from the arabic words of water [maa] and dress [libas], which means 'water-dress'.
Since the fifties we also have a knitted bikini, called 'Crochet - Bikini', seen on many postcards in unicolours. The fluffy and light material makes it even on hot days comfortable to wear,  but it also makes this kind of bikini more suitable for baking in the sun than swimming, because the material doesn't contain elastane ('Spandex').


Bikini Models

Bikini ModelAlready in the tender age of three years the people were able to see her on the cover of Pais & Filhos, a Brazilian magazine about the subject family – at this time certainly still together with her mother. We are talking about the Model Daniela Sarahyba who was born on the 8th of July 1986.
After she began her model career
already at the age of twelve years she first began her big break through in the year 2005 when she was 19 years old: For 2005 the readers were able to see her in every swim suit edition of the Sports Illustrated where she built up her fame as a swim suit model. Today she is under contract by H&M and Benetton. She also worked as underwear model for Victoria’s secret.
Moreover she made
headlines when she has been robbed by an motorbike gang in the city of São Paulo in the middle of September 2009. The motorbike gang stole her iPhone and her watch.

The on Hawaii born Jarah – Evelyn Makalapua Mariano is kind of new in the model business. Her look, including her dark brown hair and eye – color she well owe her Chinese and Korean ancestors and she knows who to use this heritage and her nearly perfect measurements of 86-61-85 to accomplish herself in the world of the models.
eanwhile, for 2007, she already has been showed in advertising spots from the US – marine, walked on the New York Fashion Week’s and also was present at the Rock & Republic Runway Show. But the biggest part of her publicity she well owe her advertising spots on television for the American company MAC cosmetics. Moreover she advertised for Armani, Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch. But her international popularity she owes her engagement at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Weeks or her performance in the video of the singer Jay-Z with the title “Show me what you got”. In fact she is a model for cosmetics, underwear and – for sure – swim suits

The twenty two years old Canadian beauty Kim Cloutier out of Montreal is new in the model business yet: First for a few months she has been published in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” as swim suit model. This was the event which brought her the break through.
With her measurements of 85-61-89 the brown eyed model wears cloth size 36. But Her green eyes weren’t just published in the “Sports Illustrated”: They also were to see in the advertisings for Abercrombie and Fitch and L'Oréal on the television. She also appeared in the magazines Elle and Cosmopolitan. Even when her model agency isn’t represented in Germany (but in Canada, the United States of America, France and in the United Kingdom) it is very probably that she will get attention from the Germans when she possibly will be walk on the New York Fashion Week

Another model from the world of swimming suits is the Russian Irina Sheik, born in Shaykhlislamova. In the year 2007, but also in the next releases from the years 2008 and 2009, she appeared in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue”. Before that she became famous through the magazines Annabelle, Jalouse and Bolero in the years 2005 and 2006. She also worked in international advertisements for the companies Intimissimi and Guess.
In the near past the brown haired model with the green eyes also made headlines through her espousal with the Arabian model Talal. With her body size from 1 meter 78 and her measurements of 86.5-58-88 (cloth size 34) she has got the nearly perfect body for the work as a model

The twenty two years old Brooklyn Decker from Ohio was also published in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” from 2006 to 2008 where she had the possibility to advance her grade of popularity as swimsuit model.
Zuvor the blond and blue – eyed model won the “Model of the Year award of the Connections Model and Talent Convention” and started her career by that. After she has been published in the
magazines Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and FHM and modeled for Victoria’s Secret she went to the city of New York City. In the near past she had some guest appearances in the television, for example in “The Dan Patrick Show” and in the series “Ugly Betty”. Later, at the 17th April of 2009 she married in Texas

Another Russian swimsuit mode model which got popular through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is Anne Vyalitsyna. She reached what may be impossible for the most other models in the World: She was five years in a row in the Sports Illustrated.  All this began when IMG entdeckte the 15 year young girl at a casting in the city of St. Petersburg for the Show Fashionably Loud Europe.
Since then she is under contract by IMG. Within only six month she was published in the magazines Anna Molinari, Chloé and Sportmax before she later walked for Designers like Versace and worked in campaigns for companies like DKNY, Dolce & Gabana, Escada or Chanel. She worked as well in Alanis Morissette’s music video “Out Is Though” as in several shootings with famous photographs. Therefore she is one of the most successful swimsuit mode models in the world.

Despite that she got an inborn speech defect the career of Hilary Duff stays on an all – time – high:
After her earlier plants like in the film “Casper meets Wendy” or in the series Lizzie McGuire she played in several films while by the way winning the golden record for her song “So Yesterday” four times. At the moment the twenty-two year old Duff works on a film remake of Bonnie and Clyde. She works on the book adaption Provinces of Night and her new album for a long time, too. The more the Texan got a model contract at IMG Models for 2007 and counts to the best earning young actresses: According to Forbes she is – directly after Emma Watson known from the Harry Potter movies as Hermine Granger – the number eight in the category.

Of all things in a McDonald’s restaurant the Brazilian top model of German parentage Gisele Bündchen has been discovered. At that time the chef of the model agency Elite got attention on the model in the McDonald’s restaurant in São Paulo for which reason he asked her to come to the Elite Model Look – contest in Paris which she won straightaway. At this time she was fifteen years old. In the year 1997 – two years after she won the contest in Paris – she was mugged up for the Pirelli – calendar before her career really started in 1998 with eleven cover fotos and 60 shootings for a huge number of established magazines, also as 150 appearances in fashion shows and ten advertising campaigns. With that she was able to impress the fashion world that much, that she became “Model of the year” 1999.
Directly after that she
obtained world wide popularity through her work at Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and advertising campaigns before she stopped the cooperation in 2007 for high allowance of salaries through Gisele Bündchen.
she came together with Tom Brandy and married him finally after the best paid model worked together with Kate Moss for Versace. Now she is going to become mother soon. When the one meter eighty big Gisele not currently is pregnant she reaches the nearly perfect measurements of 91-60-89

One of the few Israeli foto models in the world, which has been born in Hod haScharon, is the on the 4th of June born Bar Refaeli. She had her first foto shooting very soon in the tender years of 8 months, when her fotos had been used for an advertising campaign. Except a few years (1997-2000) in which she was used to wear a brace and wasn’t avaible for more foto shootings for that reason she modeled all her childhood long. Directly after the break which had been caused by the brace, still in the year 2000, she modeled for fashion magazines und has been showed in a TV – advertising campaign.  Moreover she got “Model of the Year” and was able to defend this title in the year 2001. After that she worked up to a top model of a fashion label and became cover girl in the Elle four times in just 2 months.  Her later work in the Victoria’s Secret catalog and later in the GQ helped her to finally get worldwide attention.  Then she was – as first Israeli foto model and two years in a row – photographed for the Sports Illustrated and published in the calendar. At the same time she earned her money as super model for the Otto Company, before her body was declared by vote to the “Body of the Year 2008”.
She also got international attention with her interview with the Jedi’ ot Acharonot where it looked like she would refuse the conscription of the state Israel. This became clear in her sentence “Why is it good to die for our land? Isn’t it better to live in New York?”. After that Refaeli complained about the wrong portrayal of her interview.